Just To Let You Know

Hi guys,

As said earlier, I was going to add a link that was going to take you to a separate, but connected site. So here it is: http://slippingupovertea.wordpress.com/

Kinda had to change the domain name since it was being used by this site, but it’s similar. And so are the sites. Whilst this one is mainly research collection and storage, the other site is about a learning journal that I’ve been keeping during a final project development. But check it out for more details.

Thanks everyone!


That Collaborative Feel

Me again.

Do you want to hear a touching story? Here’s a touching story…

So this site will act as a research resource that other people and myself can use as a way to look at different research pieces that are placed here. I’ve gone over this, but it should be stressed that the site is only for this purpose.

The thing I didn’t mention before is that this isn’t trying to be a blog as much. Rather, it’s the aforementioned site.

Instead, I’m creating an entirely new site/blog that’s ‘outside’ this site but may reference it. It’ll still be wordpress based, don’t worry. This blog will be ‘more casual’ and less professional. This will act as a ‘learning journal’ where I explain what’s been understood and researched upon. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense here, I’ll explain it all in the blog.

Stay tuned, I’ll give a heads-up on the blog!

The Gravity of the Situation

Hi folks! How are we?

As you can see, the site’s starting to fill up with content. A new addition is the site aims. I wanted to make sure anyone reading this knew what the site was all about and what my intentions for doing this were. I didn’t make that clear before, so please have a look there if you want to know more.

The academic journals section is now renamed ‘The Library.’  Most academic journals are stored as pdfs, so just click the links to view them. If you are going to use them, please cite them appropriately. For videos, just click and watch!

More stuff will be added over time, so stay tuned in!

Refining the Purpose

In reference to an earlier post, I want to re-introduce the aim of this site. Before I had a general idea of looking to videogames as a participatory media source. I still want to keep looking into that, but refine the purpose.

The point is that I want to look more closely into videogames as a form of ‘social media network,’ where players can communicate with each other, but do more. Specifically, I will be looking at Valve Corporation’s Steam system. It has its flaws (such as the continual ‘maintenance’) but frankly, it’s good at what it does.

We know it has a very large community, so as a social network site it’s successful in that regard. What’s more is that allows players to do more than chat to others or plays games. Steam is almost a mini-economy in itself – it’s not just playing, not just chatting, but sharing, trading and buying.

I guess the true purpose of this site is to act as a reference point not just for interested people but for myself too. All materials I gather will be here and ready for me to look over when I come to do my final project, which will look into this area. Keeping track and filing information in an orderly way is good practice. I remember one time of having loads of notes just strewn across a table and no idea what’s what. This site will help keep it together.


Note About the Site

So I’m starting to flesh my site out now a little more. This frontal page is a general ‘stop-and-chat’, explaining what I’ve been doing and what I’ve discovered. This is a space where people can read and, in a short time, get up to date with my activities (depending on how active I’ve been).

There are several tabs on the top right which leads to different parts of the site. As I do more research and find more materials, I will categorically file them in the appropriate tab.  For example, videos will be placed in the videos tab. Within this videos tab, I will further categorize them into component sections, such as ‘videos from games developers’ or ‘videos from academics.’ (I feel like in CSI).

The aim is to create a site where I organize my research in an appropriate manner. Anyone wanting to read more can find it in the relevant sections as I continue to build this up. This will take time. But it’s going places!

Tear ‘n’ Share

Hello guys,

I hate to keep going back to Steam, but it’s just such a juggernaut for participation media so it’s going to be mentioned a lot within this site. Look at it this way, 54 million people can’t be wrong.

Anyway, games culture has changed drastically. It’s more participatory than ever before. With Steam, millions of people constantly communicate with each other every day. Now the thing about Steam is that it takes this communication to another level. Players can now trade various in-game items such as trading cards, emoticons and hats to help promote collaboration. Additionally, players can also submit their own (indie) games to the rest of the community for buying or rating. Being in a community has its privileges.

Since I’ve been here for several weeks, I’m finding my feet and I think the best starting point is a discussion of Steam and how it works. To be clear, I don’t class Steam as important as any other similar platforms/systems. But it is important in this concept not because of the way it’s changed the culture of games, but also of the way it’s evolved itself.

Ticking Away The Moments…

So it’s been a while since the last post. Sorry folks! Ok, sorting this out is coming along. WordPress is a little confusing.

My interests are within videogames – I think they are a rich source of study which comprises across many range of subjects matter. Oh, and I love playing them. I think my interest of them started from when I had a Playstation back in the 90s. So I was an early kid and loved them since.

Thing about videogames is that they have evolved exponentially from the clunky graphics to almost lifelike visual effects; in short they are pushing themselves, technologically, to the limits and redefining that too.

Now while there’s a wide range of scope to research, what this site is concerned about is about participatory media. There’s a lot of ‘questions’ about what actually consistutes PM but for simplicity’s sake, I’d suggest PM as ‘media that can be shaped/constructed by the audience, where they play an active role in shaping this material.’

Videogames are in itself participatory – you play this game, you watch this game. But the question here is how they are participatory and I argue and research about videogames as  a PM form. Hopefully in a short space of time anyone reading this will see where I’m coming from.