Ticking Away The Moments…

So it’s been a while since the last post. Sorry folks! Ok, sorting this out is coming along. WordPress is a little confusing.

My interests are within videogames – I think they are a rich source of study which comprises across many range of subjects matter. Oh, and I love playing them. I think my interest of them started from when I had a Playstation back in the 90s. So I was an early kid and loved them since.

Thing about videogames is that they have evolved exponentially from the clunky graphics to almost lifelike visual effects; in short they are pushing themselves, technologically, to the limits and redefining that too.

Now while there’s a wide range of scope to research, what this site is concerned about is about participatory media. There’s a lot of ‘questions’ about what actually consistutes PM but for simplicity’s sake, I’d suggest PM as ‘media that can be shaped/constructed by the audience, where they play an active role in shaping this material.’

Videogames are in itself participatory – you play this game, you watch this game. But the question here is how they are participatory and I argue and research about videogames as  a PM form. Hopefully in a short space of time anyone reading this will see where I’m coming from.


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