Note About the Site

So I’m starting to flesh my site out now a little more. This frontal page is a general ‘stop-and-chat’, explaining what I’ve been doing and what I’ve discovered. This is a space where people can read and, in a short time, get up to date with my activities (depending on how active I’ve been).

There are several tabs on the top right which leads to different parts of the site. As I do more research and find more materials, I will categorically file them in the appropriate tab.  For example, videos will be placed in the videos tab. Within this videos tab, I will further categorize them into component sections, such as ‘videos from games developers’ or ‘videos from academics.’ (I feel like in CSI).

The aim is to create a site where I organize my research in an appropriate manner. Anyone wanting to read more can find it in the relevant sections as I continue to build this up. This will take time. But it’s going places!


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