Tear ‘n’ Share

Hello guys,

I hate to keep going back to Steam, but it’s just such a juggernaut for participation media so it’s going to be mentioned a lot within this site. Look at it this way, 54 million people can’t be wrong.

Anyway, games culture has changed drastically. It’s more participatory than ever before. With Steam, millions of people constantly communicate with each other every day. Now the thing about Steam is that it takes this communication to another level. Players can now trade various in-game items such as trading cards, emoticons and hats to help promote collaboration. Additionally, players can also submit their own (indie) games to the rest of the community for buying or rating. Being in a community has its privileges.

Since I’ve been here for several weeks, I’m finding my feet and I think the best starting point is a discussion of Steam and how it works. To be clear, I don’t class Steam as important as any other similar platforms/systems. But it is important in this concept not because of the way it’s changed the culture of games, but also of the way it’s evolved itself.


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