Refining the Purpose

In reference to an earlier post, I want to re-introduce the aim of this site. Before I had a general idea of looking to videogames as a participatory media source. I still want to keep looking into that, but refine the purpose.

The point is that I want to look more closely into videogames as a form of ‘social media network,’ where players can communicate with each other, but do more. Specifically, I will be looking at Valve Corporation’s Steam system. It has its flaws (such as the continual ‘maintenance’) but frankly, it’s good at what it does.

We know it has a very large community, so as a social network site it’s successful in that regard. What’s more is that allows players to do more than chat to others or plays games. Steam is almost a mini-economy in itself – it’s not just playing, not just chatting, but sharing, trading and buying.

I guess the true purpose of this site is to act as a reference point not just for interested people but for myself too. All materials I gather will be here and ready for me to look over when I come to do my final project, which will look into this area. Keeping track and filing information in an orderly way is good practice. I remember one time of having loads of notes just strewn across a table and no idea what’s what. This site will help keep it together.



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