That Collaborative Feel

Me again.

Do you want to hear a touching story? Here’s a touching story…

So this site will act as a research resource that other people and myself can use as a way to look at different research pieces that are placed here. I’ve gone over this, but it should be stressed that the site is only for this purpose.

The thing I didn’t mention before is that this isn’t trying to be a blog as much. Rather, it’s the aforementioned site.

Instead, I’m creating an entirely new site/blog that’s ‘outside’ this site but may reference it. It’ll still be wordpress based, don’t worry. This blog will be ‘more casual’ and less professional. This will act as a ‘learning journal’ where I explain what’s been understood and researched upon. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense here, I’ll explain it all in the blog.

Stay tuned, I’ll give a heads-up on the blog!


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