Back to Reality

Hi guys,

I don’t know why I bother, it’s been so long since the last post you’d be right to assume I was dead. No, I’ve been around, just not enough to post stuff.
It’s been a busy few weeks/months since June, as we get to the denser topics.

By ‘denser topics’, I specifically mean my final design project. That’s right, we’ve almost reached the end of the road for my MA. It’s the final project, where I must research, develop and showcase what my idea. Think of this as like in The Apprentice, where the candidates must develop their own ideas to sell.

For this reason, the aim of this site will change slightly. It’s still going to be dedicated to videogames, but now the emphasis is on research and categorization of any relevant materials to my design. Now I won’t talk about my design here, that’s for a later post. But I will say that the purpose of this site is critical to this project. I made this site for a reason.

The first move was always about researching…because no great idea comes without researching what you’re looking for. How are you going to get the answers you need? How are you going to find out what it’s like for your situation? What relevance does it have? Questions like these can only truly be answered by investigative work.

Over time, I will be adding more content to the library as I’ve been doing. Of course, this will be greatly hindered by the summer holidays as I take a ‘well-earned’ break. Make no mistake, the library I make here will prove a valuable tool.

What I want mention is that whilst the direction of this site will change slightly, I will not lose focus to its original purpose. Anyone interested in the site can still catch up and use any research material they find relevant. I believe it’s good to share, which is the point of a blog right?



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