I make it sound like this is the end of the world with the ‘final project design title.’ It is the end…of my MA. (You can come out now from your underground bunker). So in the previous post, I gave a cryptic message about my final project idea. In this post, I will explain what this is.

My idea is to develop a website/social network/online platform hybrid that is aim specifically at an academic market. This is a bold and sketchy statement, so I’ll explain in more detail. Think of Facebook, and how that easily connects millions of people. Think of Valve’s Steam (and if you follow this blog, you’ll know what that is), and how easily it connects millions of gamers. Essentially, I want to take that same principle of connection, but aim it for this market.

Now I know for a fact that academics are in communication with each other, because how can some of the text, journals, articles and reports created without the need for collaboration? Often, academics working on a particular project are separated by geographic barriers. My reasoning is that by providing an online space, could this be made easier. I believe this could be a great opportunity.

I should be clear here. What I’m NOT looking to do is simply create another social networking site. The thing I want to make use of is they way they allow collaboration and participation amongst its users. This is critical for my design. Rather, what I’m trying to do is to create an ‘opportunity’ for like-minded academics to share, talk and collaborate without it being so casual. I’m not asking people to share photos of what they did on Saturday evening.

As of 19/08/13, I have mainly done researching work. This was mentioned in the previous post. I therefore have tried to add more content to the library on relevant topics about collaboration and design in online platforms. It’s a marathon of work, but it is necessary. I can’t say much yet as I’ve not really been digging in (thanks summer holidays), so no such diagnosis on what I’ve discovered. However, I hope to have something to say for you soonish as you’re all cool people. It’s hard work, but not impossible!



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