Socially Educational…

Hello folks. Hope you are all good lately.

I went on the internet, and I found this (although, more specifically this page:

The link is a site about ‘connecting education and technology.’ Let’s be honest, this isn’t totally new. Technology plays a large part in learning and developing skills for life in schools/universities. However, I believe, as the site suggests, that the ‘trend’ of a educational social network is beginning to become more prominent.

We all know how Facebook is good at connecting between together. The same principle applies, but now this is restricted to a more educational setting. For example, one of the sites investigated is called ‘Diipo.’ Labelled as ‘education 2.0 social network for your class,’ Diipo is related more closely to Blackboard. Diipo offers ‘community’ tools such as group discussion area, direct messaging, student project management, class rosters, micro logging, a knowledgebase, ability to upload/share files. The site appears to be a simple/secure way to effectively upload digital information for school classes. (

Given how my final project is going, I am very interested in theses sites. However, these are more geared to being classroom-orientated (i.e. teacher-student relationship), and less about my idea of sharing and collaborating between teachers. Despite this, I would argue you give these a look at. They exist for a purpose. They clearly have benefits to give.

Because of this discovery, I’ve now added a ‘Useful Links’ page on the bar. OMG! I know, this is a new addition for something that should have been added ages ago. Well, good things comes to those who wait, right? Check it out.


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