The End of Us…

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posts now. I trust everyone had a great Christmas break/New Year’s, and are having a good start to 2014. New year, new challenges. Whatever the case, hope you have some exciting things to look forward too.

Contrary to the title, it is not the end of the blog. That will be carrying on; I hear your sighs of relief. Rather it is the end of my MA course as the final, final assignment was submitted Monday 13th. And with it, that was that. It had been almost a year since I first started the course (I remember since it was snowing and all). I won’t know if I passed yet until the end of February sometime, but I’m confident my work is good. It’s been a challenge definitely. The last assignment was quite time consuming and involved a lot of considerations. But now that’s done I have more time for the blog.

Anyways, whilst the work is being marked, the focus of the blog will shift slightly. Where before I submitted posts relating to my final assignment, the blog will now be focusing on its original goal: social media and videogames. I don’t know if I ever stated the original goals clearly, but it’s where we’re going now. From time to time we’ll look back at some of the earlier posts and discuss the implications for the future. In that sense, nothing’s really changed. And I looked forward to having you every step of the way.


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