The ‘One Year Ago’ Anniversary Message

Hello everyone,

This blog is over a year old! Seemed ages when I made my very first blog post here, but 365 (more like 369) days later, comes the anniversary. Well, happy anniversary! Someone bring the cake!


I’d like to think this blog has come some way since then; certainly there’s a lot more content than before. I can’t even remember what it first looked like.

I understand that things have been very slow around here these months. The last post was logged in around February time, meaning this site has become rather stale lately. I’m sorry about that. There’s been things going on (yes, I’ll just call them ‘things’) that’s kept me busy outside of here.

I know that is an easy ‘excuse’ to throw in, but I do have things I want to talk about here in the pipeline. Exciting things, maybe. I think you’ve all guessed that I take some time and several edits for each post, so that probably doesn’t help speed things along. However, I hope you stick with me because this blog is not finished. Not by a long shot. There’s new things to come up in the near future.

If I hadn’t already said this, then thank you everyone for your interest in the blog all the way. It’s been a lively first anniversary. Here’s hoping for another exciting 12 months ahead.

Thank You


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