The (Very, Very Late) 4th Season

Hello everyone,

It’s always bad when you are late to a party. It is espeically bad when it’s your own one. So here’s to the site, which turned 4 back in May. Hooray! Here comes the obligatory, ‘where has the time gone?’, question. Although to be fair, we are nearly done with 2017. Time does fly.

Posts this year have been non-existant, to which I apologise. Main excuse is real life getting in the way but I am alive and the site is here to stay. I do have ideas to talk about (although I said this last time round) so it’s not like I will never return. I just took a hiatus which turned into a very long one. The world of videogames and technology never stops.

Anyways, here’s to us for the 4th time!!!!