Easy As D-L-C

Easy As D-L-C Hello people of the internet. It’s not usual to have a leap year (since they only have the courtesy of coming every 4 years), so hope you are making the most of February 29th. Aren’t we lucky people? I think it might be a sign of the times... Following on from the... Continue Reading →


Happy Christmas, Everybody!

So the year is almost at an end, but before it is, there's a little thing called Christmas. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you will have a fantastic Christmas with the family as it only comes once a year. Hope you've done your shopping and your presents all wrapped up. I... Continue Reading →

Paywall Is The New Firewall

If You Want It... Hello everyone. Hope you had an enjoyable Easter. Something has come up on Steam recently that has copped a lot of negative feedback. It seemed inexplicable that Valve would consider going down this route, and now that they have, prompted many users to vent their disappointment (to politely put it). A... Continue Reading →

Entertainment for the Masses

The Sport With No Athletes ‘Welcome to the International’ – Gabe Newell, 2013 Hello everyone. Hope you’re well. I’m excited to do this article as it’s about something that is on the rise in the world of video-gaming. It is called a ‘sport’ yet it does not have any athletes and has an audience of... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play in YouTube

Hello everyone. In this article, we discuss the theme of ‘Let’s Play’ in YouTube. YouTube and Me YouTube was created in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. The website is a video-sharing platform for people to upload and share their video-based content, with themes and content ranging from different genres such as... Continue Reading →

The Next Edition of Operating Systems?

'Thousands of games, millions of users. Everything you love about Steam. Available soon as a free operating system designed for the TV and the living room. As we’ve been working on bringing Steam to the living room, we’ve come to the conclusion that the environment best suited to delivering value to customers is an operating... Continue Reading →

The End of Us…

Hello everyone, Sorry for the delay in posts now. I trust everyone had a great Christmas break/New Year's, and are having a good start to 2014. New year, new challenges. Whatever the case, hope you have some exciting things to look forward too. Contrary to the title, it is not the end of the blog.... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year to 2014

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good Christmas (and Boxing Day shopping spree too), may it have brought you much love and food. Well, that is Christmas over for another year but all good things come round. And so it is also the end of another year. 2013, the year this blog started. Yes,... Continue Reading →

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