Useful Links

This page is dedicated to various websites that share a relevance to the topic of this blog. I will give a brief discussion of the site and provide the hyperlink. Most of these will require you to sign up to use them should you want to.

About Business Social Networks


A big player in the business-orientated network, with 225 million accounts. Went live in 2003, LinkedIn specializes in professional networking. Main aims of the site include allowing users to find people, find their next job direction, or find out the latest news information.



A social network aimed for a business market. Founded and based in Paris, Viadeo is a professional service, offering professionals to connect with each other over the internet (or more accurately, Viadeo itself). Members include business owners, entrepreneurs and managers from a range of businesses. The site lets members maintain a list of business partners – allows for easier connections with issues or to create unique opportunities in the market.



From Germany,  XING works very similar to LinkedIn and other similar sites. The profile page allows you to add more information than on ‘a business card.’ The aim is to allow people to connect to millions of other members or to find a job, opportunities, partners, groups. The website features a useful short video that explains it better than I can. Das ist nützlich!


About Educational Social Networks


Diipo offers ‘community’ tools such as group discussion area, direct messaging, and student project management. Diipo connects the teacher with the students by making it easy to communicate with the class, as well as  with other educators and your class with other classes.



Created by Adam Bellow, this site is a stream of laid out educational information. Their slogan: ‘Clip anything. Share everything.’

Adam Bellow also has another site which he operates from.



A very useful website/blog that focuses on areas where technology and education connects, or how these two work together for a common purpose. Also writes articles on related topics to this point.

This link is specifically the page about several up-and-coming social educational networks.



Describing itself as  ‘the first social network and resource sharing website designed specifically for educators.’ This site has a number of useful discussion groups, as well as offering free education resources.  TeachAde hosts activities, nearly 60k worth of resources, core materials, daily digital planner, and a ‘find a colleague’ option. This site is also included in the second Edudemic link.



This is a interesting one. Its unique approach to setting classroom online is: the teacher does all the work and the students get a simple code to input, from which they are signed up online. The creators describe it as, ‘the perfect solution for elementary and secondary students. Rather than having your students sign up and enter an email address, you sign up and create a class code. Using this code, your students log in to your class network Here, they can answer questions, collaborate on problems, and even embed pictures and videos. As a teacher you have full control over the network. You can even add other teachers!’


About General Social Networks


Everyone’s favourite social network site. A big, big player; had really taken off since its launch in 2004. Users can create their own profile, add friends and other content such as photos, it’s like an online imprint of themselves. You must have an account to use.


O’Reilly Media

This site aims to talk about all things social media. The link itself will take you the a page discussing ‘What is Web 2.0,’ which is an important aspect in understanding social media and how it led to blogging and SNS. The overall site appears to allow user to buy certain articles and content, although you may wish to look at everything first before you buy.



Steam is a hybrid social network/online platform/digital rights management that is aim primarily for the gaming community. Created and managed by Valve Corporation, Steam has grown to be a big player in the online community, connecting a large number of gamers across the world. Some say it has revolutionized the market, whilst others suggest it has destroyed the competitions and gaming quality. It is most likely a mixture of both. You must have an account to use.


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