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Here’s a collection of various online videos as appropriate to this site. All copyrights go to them. I have listed them in an appropriate sub-section for easier use. Where possible, I will also add a small description about its content.

About Business-orientated Networks

What is LinkedIn?

Short clip demonstrating what LinkedIn, a popular business-networking site, is about in terms of connecting people together.


About Notetaking and Archive-style Systems


A short tutorial into using Evernote, the notetaking and archive software.



A tutorial demonstrating how to use JSTOR’s database functions to access the millions of digitalised content available.



From Literature and Latte themselves, this video gives insight into Scrivener, the tool created for writers. It shows people how to use the system and get the most out of it.


About Educational-orientated Social Networks

Social Media in Education – Part I

Social Media in Education – Part II

A news interview about the how social networking is helping to provide a ‘richer’ educational experience for students and teachers.  Check out the Useful Links for more information.


About  General Social Networking

How Big is Social Networking?

Short clip giving a basic explanation of how social networks operate, and how big the practice is becoming.


Social Media Revolution

Based on Erik Qualman’s book (Socialnomics), this clip compares/contrasts social media with other forms of media to see just how far they have expanded.


Ecology of User Generated Content

Jon Dovey presents a seminar on the history and ecology of ‘user-generated content’. This is important as Steam and videogames relied on user-generated content.


Videos on Videogames

Valve Corporation

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell discusses the industry’s next steps at DICE


What is Steam?

If my description of Steam wasn’t great, this video should aim to clear some things up about Steam. NOTE: this video was before the May 2013 update


Community-made Items

This is a collection of weapons and hats for Valve’s game Team Fortress 2, made completely by community members. They are showcased on the Workshop section of Steam before they are either rejected or added. I included this to show how people are using Steam as a way to showcase their work, and as a form of UGC. NOTE: there is music playing over this video



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